New Era of the ICO Investments

Gains from contributing to successful early-stage blockchain projects could be huge, but 98% of all ICO investments result in lost funds. Multiply your profit by making safe ICO investments only to carefully researched, assessed and monitored ICOs, insured with a refund option.

Profit from the successful projects and eliminate losses from the unsuccessful ones in 3 simple steps:


Choose a project...

Choose a project from our covered ICOs and make your desired investment. If you have done that already, then create your account.


...make a request...

via the “Protect my contribution” button and specify the amount of your investment to calculate the required one-time fee.


...and that's all!

Your contribution is now safe. In case of project failure or token/coin value drop your investment will be refunded back to you.

Pool contribution (fee): 18%
Secured amount up to:95%

Service features

A refund is available for:

  • Terminated projects:

    Terminated projects

    The organization that conducted the ICO/Token sale ceases operations within a 2-year timeframe from the end date of its ICO/Token sale

  • Abandoned projects:

    Abandoned projects

    There is no visible activity, progress and news for at least 6 consecutive months within a 2-year period from the end date of its ICO/Token sale

  • Token/coin fall in value:

    Token/coin fall in value

    Project’s token/coin drops 75% or more of its value for at least 45 straight days in comparison with its price on the closing day of its ICO/Token sale.

Refund of investment is available for: Terminated projects, abandoned projects, Token/coin fall in value - ICO Refund
Fee withdrawal | Invest safely in ICOs and Token sales - ICO Refund

Cancelation & Withdrawal

You are able to cancel your protection within a 3 month period from the date on which your request has been approved and withdraw 70% of your fee to the collective refund pool, in case for example, you want to trade the tokens and no longer need a refund option.

Stability and reliability

Stability and reliability

As ICO Refund doesn't convert the contributions to the refund pool to its own tokens or coins (yes, we won't have our own ICO), you don't have to worry about additional fluctuations in the value of your backed funds. They are stored and refunded only in BTC or ETH.

Refund eligibility | Invest safely in ICOs and Token sales - ICO Refund

Simple & clear refund policy

An investor is eligible for refund when one can provide “Proof of ownership” – in most cases this is simply an access to an address containing his contribution to the failed project. This is required to prevent claiming a refund for traded/exchanged funds.

Transparency | Invest safely in ICOs and Token sales - ICO Refund


ICO Refund will undergo regular financial audits by an independent third party firm every 3 months, publishing the results afterward. ICO Refund will also provide users with regular updates on the state and liquidity of the collective refund pool.

Pool viability
Refund Pool health: 100%

The simplest way to understand the refund pool health indicator is the following calculation: If the pool has the capacity to refund 12.5% or more of all insured investments at once, then it has 100% liquidity. For every .1% less, its health is decreased by 1 full percent.

ICOs available for a refund

ICO/Token sale investment refund
Secured amount (ETH/BTC)


Invest safely in GSCP - protect your ICO/ Token sale contribution with ICO Refund - Get up to 95% of your ICO/Token sale contribution back
Transforming The Shipping Industry
Big Data, Shipping

Blockshipping is creating the GSCP platform, which will be both the first real-time registry of the world's approximately 27 million shipping containers and a joint platform for all players in the container shipping industry.

ICO/Token sale investment refund
Secured amount (ETH/BTC)

AtlantICO Network

Invest safely in AtlantICO Network - protect your ICO/ Token sale contribution with ICO Refund - Get up to 95% of your ICO/Token sale contribution back
New Take on Medical Service

Decentralized medical BC platform. It brings medical goods and services quality to a new level, regulate prices and make all interactions between platform users, including patients doctors, pharmaceutical and insurance companies and medical centers.

ICO/Token sale investment refund
Secured amount (ETH/BTC)


Invest safely in Swace - protect your ICO/ Token sale contribution with ICO Refund - Get up to 95% of your ICO/Token sale contribution back
BC-Based Social Gaming
Platform, Media

Swace offers socially interactive games, which result in real-world rewards. This can mean winning coins to swap for partners’ goods, items and etc. Anything that the target group is interested in can be Swaced.

ICO/Token sale investment refund
Secured amount (ETH/BTC)

Further Network

Invest safely in Further Network - protect your ICO/ Token sale contribution with ICO Refund - Get up to 95% of your ICO/Token sale contribution back
Transforming the Travel Ecosystem

Further Network is a Blockchain-based payment and settlement platform for the travel industry, transforming how companies in the travel ecosystem interact with each other and their customers.

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ICO contribution: 0.4800 BTC
Avail. for refund: 0.4224 - 0.4560 BTC
Pool contribution: 0.0864 BTC
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Earn while helping others

You get 20% commission of every request by a referral

We realize that the project is depending largely on the community, we want to incentivize and reward people for spreading the word and making investments in early-stage blockchain projects safer. Share and earn 20% bonus of every insurance request made by a referred user. Affiliate earnings are paid weekly in BTC and ETH.

Besides that, the referred user gets 10% discount on all of his requests.

- - -

Update! Because of the enormous amount of corruption and dishonesty among the reviewers, "influencers" and so-called "experts", from now on we will only work with approved referral partners.

If you like our service and vision and want to be a part of it as our affiliate, please contact us via our contact form or on [email protected]

Earn while helping others - ICO Refund Affiliate Program

What is ICO Refund?

A community-driven platform for managing a collective pool of funds with high liquidity, used for refunding contributions to failed, abandoned or terminated ICO projects and protection against drastic token/coin drop in value. Built on state-of-art Google global network infrastructure, with multiple servers in different parts of the world, platform's architecture guarantees security, high-availability, and redundancy.

ABOUT (How it works)

ICO Refund - Secure your ICO investments
ICO/Crowdsale investments - The Risks

Neglected Reality

Investing in new companies is very risky. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 startups fail because of a number of various reasons. Participation in ICOs and Token sales is even more uncertain.

The newly presented opportunity for raising massive amounts of money in short period of time – even by people not fully qualified to fulfill their promises is combined with lack of regulations and often insufficient awareness and research by the regular person (investor).

There is a lot of noise out there when it comes to ICO scams (yes, there are some blatant ones), and the funds lost in them, however, that will be a negligible number compared to the amount of money that investors will overall lose because of failed and abandoned projects.

Teams without enough experience, technical roadblocks, bad money management, inner conflicts, lack of professional qualification and dedication and many more factors will determine the future of many projects early in their existence. At the moments, some estimations point to over 95% failure rate for the new blockchain projects.

But even in such circumstances and uncertain environment, investing in new technologies is something necessary and can be profitable and beneficial for both investors and developers.

ICOs available for refund - The selection process

Selection & Monitoring

Our goal is to deliver a way to mitigate the risk factor as much as possible when investing in a project via an ICO/Token sale.

To be able to deliver sustainable service, the ICOs/Token sales covered on ICO Refund are filtered by a complicated multi-step methodical process.

We follow the newly announced and upcoming projects closely. Our analysts evaluate their potential in various aspects, such as technology, innovation, value generation and delivering, team and more.

To be covered by ICO Refund, an ICO/Token sale goes through detailed technical, financial and marketing analysis plus risk assessment. In some cases, we contact specific teams for more information and details about certain aspects of their projects.

Once an ICO is included, our team follows it closely for a two-year time-frame. We monitor progress indicators such as announcements, news, completed milestones, coin/token value and more. In some cases, we may notify/warn our users about important observations on a project listed on ICO Refund.

We don't partner with any of the projects covered on the platform. ICO Refund is an independent third party service not affiliated in any way with the included ICOs/Token sales.

Secure your ICO investments - Details and FAQ

Details & Information

We dont't...

...claim to have some magic technology or almighty trading/investing bot that will double and triple collected funds overnight. ICO Refund won't give you "100x" profit on your money or "go to the moon" in a shiny Lambo. There are already many people and projects, trying to achieve that same thing.

What we can do... to be your navigator and safe belt through that journey. With very detailed and careful research and analysis before the listing of a project plus constant, continuous following and monitoring after that, we limit the cases of lost investments, therefore requested refunds, keeping the refund pool as viable as it can be for the lowest fee amount possible.

What is the "refund pool"?

The collective refund pool includes:

Users' contributions ("fees") - contribution to the refund pool is a fixed one-time payment of 20% of the total investment made in an ICO/Token sale - for users registerеd in ICO Refund without an affiliate link and 18% for referred ones. Fee amount required for new requests may increase or decrease over time depending on the statе of the refund pool.

ICOs affiliate payments - if the user has registered for the ICO/Token sale via our referral link when he makes an investment in the ICO, he generates referral tokens/coins that go to the collective refund pool.

How do you make money?

We take fixed 3.5% cut from the contributions to the pool.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. We realize that ICO Refund is depending largely on the community, we want to incentivize and reward people for spreading the word and making crypto investments safer for the regular person. Besides the earning that the referrer user gets, the referred one also uses 10% discount on all of his requests.

Can I cancel my ICO investment protection?

Yes, you can withdraw 70% of your protection fee in case, for example, you want to trade the tokens/coins for profit and no longer need a refund option. After that your ICO contribution will be no longer eligible for a refund.

ICO Refund - Team

Core Team

Team - Peter

Peter Krajnc

Blockchain Expert, ICO Advisory

Business angel, investor in early stage tech startups. Business analyst with 8 years of experience. Blockhain consultant and ICO advisor since 2015.

Team - David

David Wilson

Business Analyst, Financial expert

Extensive experience in data analysis, financial advisor, risk exposure analyst with strong focus on tech companies and startups.

Team - Janez

Janez Novak

Tech Lead, Developer

12 years of experience in creating scalable and highly available IT services. Crypto enthusiast since 2012.

Filip Zieliński Project management, development

Luka Tomić Data analysis, research and monitoring

Artem Ivanov Data analysis, research and monitoring

Susan Wright Data analysis, research and monitoring

Igor Arzamastsev System administration, DevOps

Alexey Kuzmin System maintenance and monitoring

ICO contribution: 2.0000 ETH
Avail. for refund:1.7600 - 1.9000 ETH
Pool contribution:0.3600 ETH
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